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Počet hodnocených restaurací v ročníku GR2019: 3

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> 14. 02. 2019 - U Emy Destinnové: Was the first time visited...
Was the first time visited this restaurant within the GRF. The food was good, but too elaborated. Portions were small, but given three courses, at the end it was adequate. Service was good, but sometimes too invasive, while the waiter at the bar preparing drinks was a begginer, which ruined a bit the overall experience. The atmosphere was nice, with the fireplace and the piano player. Not sure if I would go back next year...
> 27. 01. 2019 - Blue Wagon: The restaurant was a nice...
The restaurant was a nice surprise. Very nice atmosphere and excellant service. Every course was paired with the perfect wine! The appetizer did not impress, but the main course was very good. The dessert was simply excellent. Thank yu for the great experience!