Don’t Eat Dumb!

  Nejezte blbe

Why do we eat poorly? Because we don’t even think about it, and it doesn’t seem important to us. Our diet, however, fundamentally affects our health, mood, fitness and well-being. So what exactly are we thinking? We’ve summarized our thoughts in some mottos below:

Be mindful of what you put in your mouth.

Discover new tastes, become a ‘gastronaut’.

Savor your food and don’t overeat.

Find time for good food, and enjoy it.

Appreciate the quality of local and seasonal ingredients.

Food and drink must be in harmony.

Pamper yourself and your palate

Every ingredient has its own curriculum vitae.

The culture of food is a reflection of our character.

Return to the family table.

Think about what we are teaching our children to eat.

Don’t underestimate the value of eating regularly and moderately.

Every meal has its own corresponding preparation.

Read about traditional customs and recipes.

Support farms and organic foods.

Recommend and rate high-quality culinary businesses.

Cultivate regular meetings with friends, with a plate and a glass.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Keeping the balance of between nature and man is the way.
So that’s what we’re thinking in a nutshell.
This philosophy covers and influences all our projects: Prague Food Festival, Grand Restaurant Festival, Maurer's Grand Restaurant, Mnam Tour, Gurman .

Our “Ten Commandments” so far contain only 19 :-))


Divné je, když si dáte kapra namodro a dostanete po něm žloutenku.
Vlasta Burian