Awards Ceremony

The Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Selection Awards Ceremony


   Nejlepší restaurace 2014
  The Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Selection Awards 2014

Each year as November turns into December, we announce the best, i.e. the TOP 10 Restaurants in the Czech Republic according to the results of the independent guide, Maurer's Grand Restaurant Selection. These ratings are created by the public, which means you, and it is only from your shared experiences at restaurants you visit and your subsequent votes which raise the level of restaurant services in the country. We believe that each person who gives his vote (whether through our websites, mobile applications or questionnaires) cares about what they put into their mouths not only in relation to restaurants but also the quality of ingredients on the market.

Naturally, for this prestigious event, we have a corresponding awards ceremony and venue. We already have an idea where the ceremony will take place this year and what surprises we will introduce, but please allow us to keep it a secret for a little while.

If you have not rated any restaurants yet , we will be happy if you do so (you have until mid-September), and from these results, we will become the inspiration for other good and quality food lovers and a life style such as this.

Thank you that we can work together to help set the direction of the Czech culinary scene.


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Divné je, když si dáte kapra namodro a dostanete po něm žloutenku.
Vlasta Burian