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Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant” is a personal selection of the best and most interesting restaurants in the Czech Republic. Their rating comes from independent opinions of reviewers-volunteers who secretly visited these restaurants, ate there at their own expense, and rated them (hereinafter referred to as “the Selection”).


The Selection is published by MauMau, s.r.o., Reg ID 27079112, in cooperation with Mister Pavel Maurer.

These principles have been set to ensure as objective and fair rating of restaurants qualities as possible, thus to eliminate any attempts to damage the reputation of any restaurant or to give any restaurant an undue advantage; the results of this rating shall reflect the real reviewers’ opinions of the best and/or most interesting restaurants in the Czech Republic. 


Selecting restaurants for the Selection


Only restaurants recommended by the reviewers and approved by Pavel Maurer can become part of the Selection.  


Restaurants may be added and rated in the Selection even without their permission. 


Adding a restaurant into the Selection is free of charge.

A restaurant may be eliminated from the Selection and rating if it: 

  • has had no ratings for a long time;
  • has had only a few visitors on the website and a few comments;
  • is not unique, interesting or of exceptional quality in any way; or
  • has fundamentally changed its concept or has a new operator.

Information about restaurants


The information on the public profile of restaurants come from public sources or from information given by restaurants themselves.  


The name restaurants are presented under does not necessarily be the same as their official name, as it is optimized for the purpose of a transparent presentation in electronic media and of easy searching. 


The description in restaurants details is not an advertising promotion of these restaurants.


In addition to the basic presentation in the Selection, the restaurants can also publish commercial information, current menu and drink list, and information on special offers and on their specialties on the website. These services are voluntary and are charged according to the current price list which is available upon request. Failure to use this option does not affect adding the restaurant in the Selection or rating of the restaurant.


Reviewers and rating


A reviewer can be anyone who has registered on the website of the Selection. By registering, the reviewers agree with registration terms and conditions available on the website, and at the same time give their consent to our processing of their ratings. 


Reviewers have to fill in their name, email, address and phone number. These information are not public or provided to third parties and are used to identify the reviewer’s ratings under different accounts or ways of rating. If necessary, we have the right to contact a reviewer to verify the validity of the data provided.


There are four ways of rating available for our reviewers as follows; we reserve the right to change these ways:

  • printed questionnaire
  • website 
  • mobile app
  • special events (e.g. Prague Food Festival)

The reviewers rate four categories: (i) food, (ii) quality of the waiting experience, (iii) interior; the final mark may be 1-5, where 1 is the best rating possible.


Being rated by a reviewer does not automatically qualify a restaurant for inclusion of such a rating into the processing of ratings. Reviewers’ ratings may be eliminated from this processing without prior notice under the conditions set out in this document.


We do not publish ratings of individual reviewers. The only data published are anonymized results processed from ratings of all reviewers whose ratings were not eliminated from this process. This does not apply to comments to individual restaurants, as these are published with a nickname selected by the reviewer himself/herself. 


Any persons directly or indirectly connected to a restaurant, especially its owners, economically “interested” persons, employees and persons close to them, are not allowed to rate such a restaurant. 


The closing date for ratings is published on the website of the Selection.


Processing the ratings


When processing the ratings, we do not take into account whether any restaurant uses any paid services or takes part in any our projects (festivals and other events).  


If necessary, we reserve the right to contact the reviewer and verify the validity of his/her rating. 


We reserve the right to eliminate from the processing 

  • ratings of a reviewer who has not rated enough restaurants during the year; 
  • ratings of a reviewer who gave us false information on his/her identity; 
  • ratings which are an obvious attempt to change the results, either to give a restaurant an undue advantage or to damage the reputation of a restaurant;
  • ratings that can be considered extreme in comparison with ratings of other reviewers done in the same period;
  • ratings of a reviewer which contain mainly extreme ratings (i.e. he/she gives only the best or the worst marks to all restaurants); 
  • ratings done in one period which have obviously been made in coordination with other reviewers, or repeated ratings of certain restaurant in a short period with similar marks, or ratings which are an obvious attempt to harm or give certain restaurant an undue advantage; 
  • ratings whose author has not eliminated the discrepancy between his/her rating and comment or the validity of which could not be verified; or
  • ratings done by persons directly or indirectly connected to certain restaurant.

Although a restaurant may be part of the Selection, its ratings will not be processed if there are not enough ratings for it in the decisive period. 


Total ratings of restaurants are calculated from the weighted average of all ratings in individual categories. 


Based on the results of ratings, we create the following rankings:

  • an absolute ranking (average total rating);
  • food (average food rating);
  • quality of the waiting experience (average rating of quality of the waiting experience); and
  • interior (average interior rating).

We reserve the right to create other rankings based on combinations of total ratings (e.g. the cheapest restaurants in TOP 100 etc.).


We reserve the right to publish rankings based on “Experts’ ratings” which are supplementary and serve for the purpose of comparison of ratings made by common visitors and opinions of selected gastronomy experts.


Releasing the results


The results are released once a year during an official ceremony; on the same day, the results are published in selected media and on the website Grand Restaurant. Such results are valid for the whole year until the next official ceremony. 


Other issues


If necessary, other issues concerning the ratings, selection and elimination of restaurants may be consulted with persons of high expertise or social importance in the field of gastronomy, or with our important long-standing reviewers. 


These principles are audited.


We reserve the right to change these principles any time if such changes may result in increasing the accuracy of selection and rating of restaurants.



Prague, Dec 1, 2014

MauMau s.r.o.






The selection of restaurants for Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurants has strictly defined rules eliminating any organizers’ attempts to manipulate the results and minimizing the risk of manipulative attempts made by reviewers-volunteers. The results published are based on a sufficient number of valid ratings done by reviewers who comply with our criteria of objectivity. The rules for selection of restaurants, for cooperation with our reviewers and for processing the results are subject to regular audits the impartiality and objectivity of which I confirm with my signature.


The selection of restaurants is made by the publishing company, with a personal responsibility of Pavel Maurer. The selection for the Selection is free of charge and no restaurant is legally entitled to be selected or eliminated from the Selection. As a published of Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurants, MauMau, s.r.o. may offer to the selected restaurants additional services of commercial communication based on commercial principles; such activity is not related to the system of restaurants ratings. 


The selection of reviewers is not prohibitive and restrictive; a reviewer can be any visitor of restaurants who decides on his own and at his own expense to register as a reviewer. When processing the results, we do not take into account those ratings done by persons who have not visited the minimum number of restaurants set by intern rules for the decisive period, or whose ratings show noticeable signs of a manipulative approach. Rules for the elimination of certain ratings are set by intern terms and conditions, excluding any deliberate manipulation of results on the part of the organizer.


Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurants includes ratings of all restaurants rated by a sufficient number of reviewers in the decisive period; this number is set by intern rules. The calculation of ratings of individual restaurants is based on a simple mathematic formula, complies with the requirement for repeatability, and eliminates any manipulation with results. Only summary data of individual restaurants are published; ratings of individual reviewers are not public as a matter of principle. 



RNDr. Jan Herzmann,

CSc. Managing Partner,

Herzmann s.r.o.



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